Lithuania is situated on the eastern shore of the Baltic Sea and borders Latvia on the north, Belarus on the east and south, and Poland and the Kaliningrad region of Russia on the southwest. It is a country of gently rolling hills, many forests, rivers and streams, and lakes. Its principal natural resource is agricultural land.

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Total area: 25,174 sq mi (65,200 sq km) & Population (2012 est.): 3,525,761 (growth rate: –0.278%); birth rate: 9.34/1000; infant mortality rate: 6.18/1000; life expectancy: 75.55. Capital and largest city (2009 est.): Vilnius, 546,000, Languages: Lithuanian 82% (official), Russian 8%, Polish 6% (2001)

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Communications & Transportation

Telephones: main lines in use: 723,000 (2011); mobile cellular: 5.004 million (2011). Broadcast media: AM 29, FM 142, shortwave 1 (2001), Radios: 1.9 million (1997). Television broadcast stations: public broadcaster operates 3 channels with the third channel – a satellite channel – introduced in 2007; Internet Service Providers: 1.205 million (2012). Internet users: 1.964 million (2009). Transportation: Railways: total: 1,767 km (2011). Roadways: total: 82,131 km; paved: 72,048 km; unpaved: 10,083 km (2000). Waterways: 441 km perennially navigable. Ports and terminals: Butinge, Klaipeda. Airports: 81 (2012).

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Economic Summary

GDP/PPP (2012 est.): $64.32 billion; per capita $20,100. Real growth rate: 2.7%. Arable land: 44.81%. Agriculture: grain, potatoes, sugar beets, flax, vegetables; beef, milk, eggs; fish. Industries: metal-cutting machine tools, electric motors, television sets, refrigerators and freezers, petroleum refining, shipbuilding (small ships), furniture making, textiles, food processing, fertilizers, agricultural machinery, optical equipment, electronic components, computers, amber jewelry. Natural resources: peat, arable land, amber. Exports: $29.01 billion (2012 est.). Imports: $31.41 billion (2012 est.)

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City life in Lithuania

Areas populated by more than 3,000 people of whom at least 2/3 work in the industry or service sector.

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Lithuania Landscapes

Lithuania’s terrain is an alternation of moderate lowlands and highlands.

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Sports in Lithuania

Sport in Lithuania is governed by the Physical Education and Sports Department.

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