Expand your business horizons!

Pakistani entrepreneurs wishing to expand their business horizons beyond the Pakistani borders can take advantage of a number of lucrative business immigration options offered by European countries such as Italy.

The immigration to one of the European country as a business person provides the access to all countries of the Europe. In other words, after getting the Permanent Residence Permit of a European Union (EU) member country, business person with family can live and work in any 27-member countries of the European Union. Immigrating to Europe is really a “smart thing to do.”

The other major benefit is the endless possibilities of business expansion in the other EU member countries.

It is secure!

Secured Investment

The very important fact that investor is the only person who is authorized to operate the bank account in which the required amount is deposited, no other person can, thus, withdraw that money from the bank making the investment fully secure

Family Immigration

Once investor has the residence permit of Italy. He can sponsor all his family (Spouse and children) the spouse and children of the investor can gain permanent residence along with investor after a period of 5 years. As compared to other countries, living all the time in Italy is not mandatory for the Permanent Residence or Citizenship. The applicants need to enter Italy at least once in every 6 months


We will do all job for you!


We guaranty money back if process goes wrong by our mistake or fault!


After 2 month, if you have Schengen visa you will be able to collect your company documents, temporary residence card and start your business in Italy.