Why do I need to carefully choose

an immigration consultant?

The result that you will reach can affect your life for long time!

Be aware of 'fake' consultants. They will take your money and will never submit your application. Their tactic is to tell you later that your application was rejected.

Most consultants will ask you to sign the contract. Read the contract carefully before you sign it. If you don‘t understand the terms, ask for explanation. Once you sign the agreement, it will be an indication that you understand the terms and accept them.


You have to want to immigrate


You have to be ready to change your life habits


You need to know what exactly you will do abroad


You need to have reliable people around you


Things you are doing should be simple and should make sense

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Doing business in Italy

Italy is ranked sixth among OECD countries and fourth among European countries for Gross Domestic Product, Italian production constituting more than 13% of the European Union’s GDP.

As a result of the nature of its productive system, Italy’s division into sectors of economic activity is similar to that of the principle European countries, with 27.7% devoted to manufacturing and construction and almost 70% to services. Of this latter sector, trade, transport and communications absorb an above average portion of GDP as compared with other European countries.

Located in the heart of the Mediterranean, Italy is a crucial crossroads for land, sea and air routes linking the North and South of Europe.

The Italian market offers countless opportunities to businesses in expansion,with almost 60 million consumers and a GDP ranked fourth in the European Union.

Thanks to its strategic placement, Italy makes it easy to reach the 396 million consumers of the other Union member countries and the 240 million of North Africa and the Middle East. It has also taken a leading position on the European market (11%), with an annual turnover of approximately 65 billion euro.

Of all European countries Italy has the lowest start-up costs for the biotechnology sector, and takes second place for product testing in research and development, chemicals and electronics.

ITALIAN business immigration is permanent visa that allows you to live, Work and do Business in ITALY for permanent basis with or without your family. Your application will be dealt in ITALY with senior registered Migration consultant and team.

Please let us know your plan after reading the following information so we send you the detailed paper work please see details of point’s options process and fees.

Regular Business Immigration Visa (Its allows you to have Residence Permit)

Process Stages and time duration

Stage 1:

Authority Letter: An immigration lawyer will have your authority letter approved by Italian embassy in your residing country. The lawyer would make this letter; you just need to attest by embassy and send back to us.
Authority Letter Would be issue in 48 Hours after submission your Passport.

Stage 2:

Sponsorship letter (Nulla Osta for Visa): Our lawyer will do all the documentation work to issue you the BUSINESS SPONSOR Letter (in Italian called NULLA OSTA). It will issue regarding nature of business registration in ITALY. (Lawyer would file it after the study approval)
SPONSOR LETTER would be issue in 35 Working days.

Stage 3:

Visa Application: After having the sponsorship letter. You have to submit the documents in ITALIAN EMBASSY in your residing country. A checklist of documents mentioned below.
Visa Stamping takes 40 Working days.

Stage 4:

Residence Permit:
After the arrival in ITALY within one week. Our immigration lawyer will applied a residence permit of ITALY for you and your family. Checklist of documents mentioned below.


 Passport

 Proof of financial means in country (Bank Statement)

 Business Registration (If you are currently doing business)

 Character Certificate

 Travel Insurance (For Visa Purpose)

 Hotel / Ticket Booking (For Visa Purpose)


Our consultancy Fee has divided in three different stages.
Assessment Fee (Case Preparation and study) 600 /- Euro
After Sponsorship Visa, Letter 3400 /- Euro
After Visa Stamping and Issuance of Permit 3400 /- Euro
Visa Fee 200 /- Euro


Study in Europe


· Without IELTS

· Schengen Visa

· Mode of Study is ENGLISH

· Mobility Programs in Bachelors and Masters

· Top Ranked Partner Institute

· 100% Visa Ratio


· With / Without IELTS

· Low Tuition Fee

· Scholarships Available

· Low Bank Statement

· Public Sector Universities


· With / Without IELTS

· Low Tuition Fee

· Low Bank Statement

· Public Institutes

· Mode of Study English


· No Tuition Fee

· Low Bank Statement

· Public Universities

· Mode of Study English

· Schengen Visa and work allowed 20 Hours /Week